Аутотрансфузия-аппарат Xtra

Аутотрансфузия-аппарат Xtra
For over 30 years, Sorin Group has treated more
than 6.5 million patients with its ATS products.
The experience and dedication towards research
of innovative solutions allows Sorin Group to be
recognized as a world leader in autotransfusion.

Sorin Xtra is the latest extraordinarily innovative,
intuitive and powerful ATS system.

It is a compact, ergonomic and robust ATS device
with an attractive design, developed by the same
designers of Sorin S5 and C5 heart lung machines.
It inspires to BRAT 2 and Electa, combining and
improving their best features, and introducing
further innovation, through S5 and C5-like design,
graphic color touch screen user interface and
advanced data management capabilities.

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